May 22, 2024

A little update: On SpritEd and old software

Long ago (like… REALLY long ago) I made this program called SpritED, which was basically a humble sprite editor for TI-calc* developers. While it didn’t attain worldwide fame like other programs I made at the time, it was a tiny useful tool for a handful of developers and that was more than enough to make me quite happy. I love to make software that helps people in any way or it’s of any use to other developers.

Since I’m no longer maintaining nor updating SpritED you will find it on Damnsoft’s museum now. The program -however- doesn’t run out of the box on any Windows platform after XP (it actually required an external runtime library even on XP) so it’s bit of a wasted piece of software you would only be able to run on a virtual machine or a very outdated computer.

That was until now…

To my surprise I received a special request today,  from one of the oldest users of this software, asking me if it was possible to make SpritED run on newer versions of Windows. According to his report and a quick check I made there was only a single (and very ancient) component missing, no longer available from the MS archives, so I added it to the install script, repacked the whole thing and tested the new setup on my machine aaand…. now SpritED installs and runs perfectly on Windows 7.

Despite being “updated” to install on “modern” machines, I will probably maintain SpritED in the museum because I don’t think I’ll add more functionality or features anytime soon (or if I’ll ever “port it” to newer frameworks) but I’m at ease for the time being because those who still want to use it can actually run the program on their computers now.

I’ll probably update the installer on the site soon, which was probably one of the places that helped people discover SpritED in the first place.



*Texas-Instruments calculators.

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