Pixel Art: Shantae

Ok, so continuing with my experiments on pixel art I’ve done a small animated sprite of Shantae, the main character of the Shantae franchise by WayForward.

Shantae started as GBC game and later got a sequel for DSi/eShop. There’s a third installment coming out on the 3DS later this year and also an AMAZING kickstarter campaign for a HD Shantae game that will be released on PC and all home consoles. I truly encourage you to check it out and support the game. There’s a lot of goodies for KS and Paypal backers! There’s only 12 hours left before the campaign ends but they’ll keep receiving contributions/preorders through Paypal for a few more months.


Anyway, here’s the sprite:

Shantae running

Shantae running

Although it was a bit rushed I’m happy with the result.

I did this sprite while watching Wayforward’s TwitchTV stream (live campaign countdown while they play games! They are still streaming so join them if you have the chance!)



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